Croydon Mattress Factory, has the memory foam mattresses you've been looking for. Our Thermo-Pedic Memory Foam uses the highest density form with our patented "Kool-Gel" particularized method allows us to provide it all at 1/2 to 1/3 of national brand offerings. Call for current bedding specials. (215)604-0500



  • Heavenly MoonriseTwin Mattress Set$788.00
  • Heavenly MoonriseFull Mattress Set$968.00
  • Heavenly MoonriseQueen Mattress Set$998.00
  • Heavenly MoonriseKing Mattress Set$1,298.00
  • Heavenly MoonriseTwin Mattress Only$698.00
  • Heavenly MoonriseFull Mattress Only$858.00
  • Heavenly MoonriseQueen Mattress Only$868.00
  • Heavenly MoonriseKing Mattress Only$1,088.00